Cell Transplantation

"Functional Regeneration of Supraspinal Connections in a Patient With Transected Spinal Cord Following Transplantation of Bulbar Olfactory Ensheathing Cells With Peripheral Nerve Bridging"

Tabakow Pawel; Raisman Geoffrey; Fortuna Wojciech; Czyz Marcin; Huber Juliusz; Li Daqing; Szewczyk Pawel; Okurowski Stefan; Miedzybrodzki Ryszard; Czapiga Bogdan; Salomon Beata; Halon Agnieszka; Li Ying; Lipiec Joanna; Kulczyk,Aleksandra; Jarmundowicz Wlodzimierz






Dear patients,

The research team to study the possibility of the treatment
of traumatic spinal cord injury is not currently conducting patient recruitment.

However, preparation is underway to begin the next stage of the research.

The main criterion for eligibility of patients to the program
will be a condition of total interruption of the spinal cord continuity by transection
(e.g. a knife or other sharp-edged objects),
confirmed by spine MRI study.

Patients with other types of traumatic or partial spinal cord injury are not eligible.  

Applications submitted to the private addresses (email and other) of team members,
or to the medical, rehabilitation or university institutions will not be answered, forwarded, or retained. 

The only way of filing will be via the websites.


Pawel Tabakow
Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital in Wroclaw
Scientific project manager cell therapy

Wlodzimierz Jarmundowicz
Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital in Wroclaw
Head of the Department




Dear patients,

Due to the numerous questions, we would like to confirm that we are part of the OEC  (olfactory ensheathing glial cells) transplantation project, aiming spinal cord recovery after severe injuries.

At this stage, the transplantation project is being prepared for continuation (which will probably take place in the next year - 2015).

Eligibility of patients to the program will be available on our website (http://www.aksonaxis.org.pl/).

However, the AKSON Neuro-Rehabilitation Center specializes in the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries and We invite you to benefit from our service offer. 

We have long experience in the rehabilitation of patients with Paraplegia and Tetraplegia after spinal cord injuries.

Our prices are specified individually depending on the specific nature of the injury.

Best Regards:

Stefan Okurowski





Welcome to „Akson”,
the Neuro-Rehabilitation Center for the Treatment
of Spinal Cord Injuries in Wroclaw, Poland.
Located on ul. Bierutowska 23.

Tel. +48 606 929 458, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The center specializes in neuro-rehabilitation of paralysis resulting from a spinal cord injury.

On the basis of the diagnosis and clinical tests,

a individualized rehabilitation program is created for the patient’s treatment and improvement.


mgr Stefan Okurowski
Center Manager